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Hallmark Card Studio 2013 ( Deluxe

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Hallmark Card Studio 2013 ( Deluxe

Это новое издание Hallmark Card Studio. Программное обеспечение карт для Windows.

For more than 100 years, Hallmark has designed greeting cards for life's special moments. Hallmark Card Studio 2013 Deluxe extends this tradition, making it easy to create one-of-a-kind Hallmark cards as unique as the people you care for. From birthdays and holidays to special occasions and every day greetings, you’ll find the perfect card for virtually any occasion.

But cards are just the beginning. Bridge the miles between family and friends with photo cards in a variety of new sizes, postcards, stationery sets and party invitations - all customized with your heart-felt message. It’s easy with exclusive Hallmark writing tips and ideas included right in the software! Plus, using the built-in Digital Photo Editor, you can easily crop, fix, and apply special effects to photos before adding them to calendars, scrapbook pages and award certificates. Then simply print, email or share on Facebook and other popular social media websites!

With 13,000+ designs, 18,000+ premium graphics, 10,000+ sentiments, exclusive fonts, an Event Planner and much more, the creative possibilities are endless. It’s amazing what you and Hallmark can do together!

About Hallmark Cards, Inc.

For more than 100 years, Hallmark Cards, Inc. has helped people connect with one another and give voice to their feelings. Our employees are personally passionate about caring, creativity, quality and innovation, values that have guided us from the start and remain at our core.

We're best known for greeting cards, but we're much more than that. Our products include paper party supplies, gifts and wrapping paper… ornaments and decorative items for the home… memory-keeping picture frames, albums and scrapbooks… e-cards and personalized photo cards... even a cable television channel. We're with you at holidays and any-days, at your most important milestones and unexpected occasions, when you want to share a laugh and when you seek to offer comfort.

Joyce C. Hall, founder of Hallmark Cards, Inc., lived the American dream. Born Aug. 29, 1891, in tiny David City, Neb., Hall overcame both poverty and a lack of a formal education to become the architect of an industry, friend of two presidents and a prime minister, patron of the arts, and recipient of high honors from three nations.

Though J.C. Hall became a wealthy man, profit was never foremost in his thoughts. In his autobiography, When You Care Enough, Hall wrote: "If a man goes into business with only the idea of making a lot of money, chances are he won't. But if he puts service and quality first, the money will take care of itself. Producing a first-class product that is a real need is a much stronger motivation for success than getting rich."

Hallmark Card Studio 2013 ( Deluxe

Название: Hallmark Card Studio
Версия: 2013 ( Deluxe
Язык: english
ОС: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8
Таблетка: присутствует
Размер: 8.24 Gb

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