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Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings - Call Me Big Daddy (2012)

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Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings - Call Me Big Daddy (2012)

Artist: Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings
Title Of Album: Call Me Big Daddy
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Tai Jeria Record Co.
Genre: Funky Blues
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps, 44.1 Khz
Total Time: 78:56
Total Size: 182 Mb
Covers: Front

01. Intro (1:22)
02. Call Me Big Daddy (3:53)
03. Lost And Found (4:05)
04. Boody Pop And Lock (4:01)
05. Boody Pop And Lock #2 (3:43)
06. Million Dollars (4:22)
07. Levine's Boogie (4:47)
08. Beaulah Mae (4:07)
09. James #2 (4:17)
10. Young Boy, Young Man (5:00)
11. Bunny Hop 2012 (4:14)
12. Hobbsville #3 Pt. 1 (3:00)
13. Hobbsville #3, Pt. 2 (O.C. Hoffler) (3:15)
14. Hobbsville #3, Pt. 3 (Bonny Lee's) (3:57)
15. Don't Cry (4:46)
16. My New Chevy Van (4:24)
17. City Life (4:17)
18. E. Groove (4:35)
19. Outro (2:54)
20. I'm G-O-N-E Gone (3:48)

There are a few artists for whom I really get excited when I find their newest CD in my mailbox, perhaps no more so than for Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, whoms music over the last few years, has become some of my absolute favorite. Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings newest release, "I Love It When They Call Me 'Big Daddy'", is described as a "Bluesical Journey" from Tobacco Road to the Fast Lane of the Urban/Boogie Boulevard" and marks the 3rd of his 4 releases, I have received, and I couldn't be happier to slip this "Good Time Bluez With A Twist!!!", CD into my player.

"Hello world... I'm back with CD Number 4", is how Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, starts off this killer 20 Track album, that will keep you hopping for 78 minutes, which is twice as long as a fair number of new albums out there nowadays, and believe me when I say you will get your moneys worth with every second of "I Love It When They Call Me 'Big Daddy'".

As always Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, shows off not only his immense talent as a Guitarist, but also his immense talent as a Songwriter, as all 20 of the Tracks were written, arranged, and produced by Stallings. Of his songwriting, Blues Blast Magazine wrote, "Nobody writes lyrics and songs that generate more fun than "Big Daddy" Stalling", a statement which could not be more true.

A tradition of Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, since he started recording in 2004, has been to always include, local and regional artists and guests, and for "I Love It When They Call Me 'Big Daddy'", he once again chose a magnificent lineup, which included, Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark (Harp), Leroy "Hit Man" Flowers, Jr. (Bass Guitar), Michael Devilson (Drums), Joe "E Flat" Thomas (Alto Sax), Steve Levine (Harp), Clarence Ward III (Trumpet), Dawoud Said (Piano), "Fooman" Bill Pratt (Strings/Rhodes/Keyboards), Nova Peele & Deletta Gillespie (Background Vocals), Nadine Rae (Lead Vocals on Track 6 "Million Dollars), and Debbie Brown (Vocals). Throughout the album Stallings acts as Ring Master, as he makes a point to introduce the great Artists and Guests.

Picking favorites off of "I Love It When They Call Me 'Big Daddy'", was not an easy task, as each song came wrapped in it's own little special package of sounds and experiences, never the less, here are 3, Track 3 "Lost And Found", Track 7 "Levine Boogie", and Track 9 "James #2".

For my first favorite, I almost chose Track 2 "Call Me Big Daddy", which essentially had a similar sound to "Lost And Found", but the selling point for me was the Harp playing of Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark that kicked in around the 1:00 mark and brilliantly accentuated the remainder of this gem of a song.

Since I really love listening to great Harp work, Track 7 "Levine Boogie", was a shoe in as my next favorite, as it not only featured Anthony "Swamp Dog" Clark, but also Steve Levine on Harp, with both these masters joining in together at the end to just kill it. Man was this one a great one. A Harp lovers dream come true.

Whenever you have the word James in a song title, more often than not, it refers to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and sure enough that is whom, "James #2", a little treasure of a tribute is dedicated to. "James #2", starts off with a great Funky James Brown beat, as Stallings introduces the performers on this track, and then takes us on a trip to James Ville. Lots of great work on this one from Clarence Ward III and backing Vocals from Leroy "Hit Man" Flowers, Jr. A great Track that I'm sure James Brown would of been very flattered to have heard.

Throughout the 3 Albums I have heard from Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings, one thing has remained a constant, and that is the inability to say one was better than the other, because they are so consistantly well written and performed, but another thing is a certainty when it comes to Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings and the albums he releases, and that is that they are, without a doubt, absolutely great, with "I Love It When They Call Me 'Big Daddy'", being the latest proof of that. ~Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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